Hosted Desktop will be located at one of our secure data centres and will be all accessible at anytime from anywhere in the world. All that is required is a data connection and any basic PC such as Laptop, Desktop or Thin Client Terminal.

We offer the latest Windows Desktop , and any software you need installed on the desktop whether it will be the latest Office product, IE, Chrome or any 3rd party application.

Our Enterprise Infrastructure Environment Platform is built on the latest Server, Network and storage technology

You now have the opportunity, like our existing customers, to focus your time, effort and budgets on your core business and customer needs. The inherent risk of losing mission critical business information is removed because your information is being stored, backed-up, monitored and managed via cloud computing from our professional enterprise grade data centres.

All your  IT costs and IT maintenance of servers are reduced and converted into predictable monthly operating costs. By clever outsourcing you now have access to all your corporate information at anytime, from anywhere in the world. The benefits include:

  • No Capital Expenditure, No Recurring Capital Costs
  • Standardised, Full Service Operating Environment
  • 24 x 7 Help Desk and Support
  • Access to your Desktop from anywhere, anytime



Internet has now become more accessible and reliable. With an always on infrastructure, hosting services such as email hosting, hosted desktop, application hosting, server hosting are all possible.
With new technologies and virtualization software, the thin client concept is expanded its capability.

What Are The Benefits?

Reduced costs to you, instant deployment for you, no maintenance for you

Low Maintenance

Businesses need a working application so that they can concentrate on the data they need to succeed. Cloudpath can provide the application hosting environment so the responsibility of hardware and software is not of the business to manage but the vendor.
As there is no software to download a hosted application can be made instantly available across an entire organization even where the organization has multiple regional and international offices.

Minimal Risk

We offer customers a Pay-As-You-Go model so that the whole transaction is minimal risk and gives the comfort and freedom to choose as desired. If for any reason it is unsuitable then they can stop using the service at anytime.


Since the application software and data is stored in the cloud, it is available to the authorized client once they have logged on from anywhere with Internet access. The customer can now work anywhere in the office environment, from remote offices or from their home or hotel without the need to download their work or synchronize with portable devices.


Assistance is provided if you require access to the application in adding , creating new users. If you require the application to be updated, this can be done with minimal impact on other applications.

In Summary


  • No vendor installation or upgrades required
  • Low start-up costs
  • Minimal Risk, no long term commitment
  • Backups and viruses is taken care of
  • Hardware and software server maintenance is taken care of
  • Minimise and reduce your investment in local hardware & software
  • We will takecare of your backup solution and synchronize data
  • We will make sure your data is accessible globally to you, wherever you want it to be.
  • Reduced software licensing costs



Maximize the benefits of your virtualization efforts
Virtualization computing is a powerful tool to help you minimize costs and improve you data availability. Cloudpath will help in minimizing its impact on surrounding IT resources so that your business can grow with little focus on IT needs. Whether you’re just starting a storage or server virtualization project or you’re looking to realize the full benefits of a complete virtual data center, Cloudpath can help you build a great virtualized platform with a ready infrastructure that will help you achieve your current and future business goals.


Is your infrastructure ready to increase on business  and productivity demands ?  Cloudpath solutions create a dynamic infrastructure that improves the security, availability, scalability, and user experience for delivering virtual desktops.


Realize large-scale virtualization benefits across your entire infrastructure. Cloudpath brings together many virtualization technologies to help you build a complete, dynamic virtual data center.


With on demand virtualization of servers now you don’t need to wait to grow your business. Cloudpath will takecare of the virtualization technologies so that you can concentrate on your productivity.



Cloudpath proactively manages your networks and IT systems, fixing problems in minutes and dramatically saving you money in the process. We offer flexible IT services and support that provides you with a much lower total cost and higher service level than is achievable via other IT support and management alternatives.

Cloudpath ‚Äď Proactive IT Management & Support

Does your business rely on computers, networks, servers and other Information Technology services or products that are outside your core skill set? Would your in-house IT resources be better utilised on value-adding projects rather than IT service and support issues? Cloudpath is a remote IT management solution  or onsite management that allows you to proactively manage your IT systems at a lower total cost.


Managed Hosted Server

Managed Hosting has all the benefits of hosted server but also includes system support, monitoring  and full system backups. If you are new to running a server we recommend a Managed Server Hosting package so you can rely on our excellent support to avoid unnecessary downtime whenever trouble arises.

The bottom line is if you’ve got mission critical needs and don’t have the in-house skills to keep your servers performing the way they should, then you should get a managed server. Even still it’s a more cost effective route than hiring your own staff and most likely you will receive a higher, more consistent level of service.

Additional features of Managed Servers:

  • All the benefits of our hosted server
  • 24/7/365 System Support
  • System backup
  • System Monitoring



Virtual Hosting provides a short and long term multi-tenant virtual infrastructure service, allowing you to rent managed virtual servers, storage, Internet and perimeter security via a simple pay as you go service fee on a standard contract term basis.
With Cloudpath and Virtualization computing you will have the freedom to invest in your business without the expensive upfront hardware and software to run your business application environments.
We will provide all hardware resourcing, hypervisor, operating system licensing including
  • A fully operational managed hosting grade platform
  • Increase your speed to market timeframe and implementation
  • Reduce your hardware and operating system implementation build time
  • Free up your IT resources to concentrate on your applications
  • Design to suit your specific needs
  • Operating system of choice ‚Äď Windows, Redhat or Solaris and more
  • Hardware resource of choice with respect of VRAM and VCPU
  • SAN Storage on a per GB usage basis



Work from virtually anywhere

With Internet and always connected applications, email allows you to stay connected and collaborate. We are experts in Office or Gsuite products. We will perform all the email migrations to a email hosting platform of your choice.
The platform will provide the business-class security and reliability. Whether its Microsoft Email hosting or email hosting from google, our experts and support services will cater to your needs.

Easy to manage email

Get professional, easy-to-manage email. Each user will receive certain amount of free mailbox. Connect with the latest Microsoft client and use all of the rich Outlook functionality you already know and use, whether you are connected to the Internet or anywhere in the world. You can also use the Google Gsuite product and we will guide you to any migration until productivity is reached.

simplify scheduling

Easily schedule meetings by sharing calendars and viewing them on any device or any browser. Why not access your email from anywhere using any browser. Schedule your meetings

business class security

Use the inbuilt anti spam and anti virus protection from the email systems. With secured connection to your email, you can be more productive and have secure access to your emails.