CloudpathĀ is an IT support services company, specialising in the integration of on-premise IT environments with cloud based systems, data and processes.

We provide consulting to your business, for your business. You can choose to have your environment on premise or not. We will provide the outcome you desire.Ā Building on the principles of business value, scalability, agility and automation. We take organisations from virtualisation to cloud based environments with solutions that can be viewed and managed as an extension of your internal computing platform.

IT Solution

Cloudpath has been helping business to leverage technology and reach their business goals faster, smarter and within budget. Cloudpath allows you to focus on your growth with the right technology solutions. Grow your business smarter. We can offer custom IT support solutions to help gain productivity and streamline processes.Ā Make your everyday tasks simpler where you can streamline your business and other solutionsĀ whilst automating time-consuming tasks. Using the right technology obtain the result in less stress and more productivity for your employees.

Cloudpath offers advisory service consultants and professional services around many cloud platforms, helping customers use public, private and hybrid cloud environments to solve business problems.


IT Support Services

Why not stop IT problems before they start? Use our behind the scenes IT support services and monitoring system 24/7 to prevent disruptions to your business. We will work with you to resolve any issues quickly. Cloudpath will provide the platform where you can find ultimate solution and service. Our core objective is customer care service to provide 24 x 7 IT support and resolve any IT managed issues. Cloudpath is a complete IT solution provider and is ready to undertake the most challenging tasks. We will ensure to use the advanced IT Technology and work with you to reach your business goals.


Cloudpath mission is to boost organisations and individuals in filling the technological gap and to aid business to use IT to reach their goals.

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