We offer quality web development services that will help your organization stand out in the web. Our beautiful custom design web site will attract more visitors to your website. When designing and implementing websites, we keep customer engagement in mind.  We have a complete strategy in keeping customers onsite and ranking your site to the top of search engines. Website is one of the best way to turn customers into buyers or getting your message across and we will create an engaging website for you. We can help! We are passionate about making beautiful websites the help you attract and retain customers for your business.


Our Web Design Service

website designWe have a web development service offering that provides a variety of web design services from logos, banners, formats, structures, contents to onpage and offpage SEO. Feel free to contact us to discuss further. We are always happy to answer your questions and help you understand what you need, and what you don’t need.

Cloudpath understands that starting any website can be overwhelming and without the right expertise and direction a small project can become a nightmare. Our web designers are experts in any web design project. We’ll be here to help you every step of the way, to answer your questions and help you make decisions that can help grow your business.


We make websites that work !

Having a website is only part of the battle. It needs to be professional. It needs to be attractive. But most importantly, it needs to work. Our professional website design team at Cloudpath provides web design and development services to personal or businesses of all sizes.
Cloudpath focuses on not only providing beautiful website design, but layouts that give your clients the information they’re looking for. The first impression of your organization or business, the services you provide, or about the book you just published.



Logo is a very important aspect in a website. It has the power to define who you are, what you stand for and future of the website. From design to colour scheme makes a difference. Your logo is an important part of promoting and marketing your business and is often the first thing that catches the eye of a potential customer. A custom logo design should promote  your website, organization and attract attention.
Cloudpath knows the importance of designing attractive and powerful logos to enhance your visibility and recognition.  We will promote your company and create a beautiful visual image representing your services, organization and mission.



Once you have a website build and then what? How do you promote your website? Do you need SEO services? Cloudpath can work a little magic known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will help drive traffic your way. We’ve got a full bag of tricks to market your site and scale up your business. We stay up-to-date with what Google and other search engines are looking for when presenting results to viewers and work with you to make your website even better.
What does our SEO services entail? We can start with a site audit. There are a number of things included in this check for instance page speed or how mobile friendly it is and more. We also look at the website content. These are important as it keeps key focus of your website and provides a wider audience. Understanding what customers or searches are looking for is vital. We will work with search engine algorithm and focus on each page so that it stands out. Cloudpath will evaluate each page so that your key subject is available to the audience and searchers.
When you’re ready to be found, we’re ready to help you get it set up and set up right.



If you build it, will they come ?

The Internet is a big place. You can do a Google search for almost anything and find thousands or even millions of results. Just because you have a website, that doesn’t mean anyone will easily find your website. If you want to be found, there’s a good chance you’ll have to do some marketing. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We can help writing contents for a blog, running different ads like Bing, Facebook, Google.


Just like a business, your website will also need ongoing support and management. Not only are we Web page designers but also provide ongoing website management and support. We will also make sure your website is secure, backed up and upto date. Let us do the hardwork for you. We will maintain your website for you and make sure it is upto date from plugins to backup and security. We will do the  heavy lifting while you run your business!